What is the West Edge District?

The West Edge is an emerging district shaking off the residue of neglect and years of industrial placelessness, to capture the investment spotlight as Cheyenne’s next great neighborhood. The district is situated to the west of downtown Cheyenne, north of Lincolnway, and south of the State Capitol covering approximately 160 blocks.

The initial West Edge vision sought to improve stormwater management, mitigate potential brownfields, create open space amenities, and promote private investment in residential and commercial redevelopment initiatives. Through these efforts, this early vision has blossomed and the West Edge now stands as a shining beacon of investment and one of the hottest commercial markets in Wyoming. To date, nearly $108,000,000 has been invested in the district.  

Construction of the signature Civic Commons Park signaled that the vision for the West Edge is here to stay. This model of green infrastructure now stands as a sentinel against damaging floods and a source of community pride where Cheyenne comes together. The park also serves as the permanent home to Edgefest, a free annual outdoor concert created to bring love and visibility to the district.

So what’s next? While the City and its partners have achieved great success, there is more to be done. The city is in process of advancing discussions with the Railroad to deliver on the promise of a multi-modal trail stretching along the Reed Avenue rail spur. The city is also implementing zoning and tax increment financing options to continue to foster forward progress. And investors continue to purchase property with new visions rooted in a prosperous and authentic urban western future. 

Summer 2022 Events

Crosswalk Murals in the West Edge District

Triumph, South, East, and Central High Schools have all come together to partner with the UEA on new painted crosswalks in the West Edge District! Come watch the art take shape on Saturday, July 16th from 9am to 6pm. See map below for exact locations.

This is a part of the CultureX event, also occuring this same weekend.

To learn how you can support or take part, please fill out the Contact us! section below!


July 14-17th will feature Cheyenne’s largest outdoor arts and culture expo–CultureX. This event is a rebrand and collaboration for the annual 4-Ever West Tattoo Fest and Paint Slingers events. Learn all about what will be taking place that weekend here!

Edge Fest 2022

Edge Fest will be back and bigger than ever on August 27th, 2022 at Civic Commons Park! You can read more on the artists here, and follow along here for all the updates!

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