Black Tooth Brewing Co. 

“Black Tooth’s humble beginning started in November of 2010. Co-founder Tim Barnes and other local investors began their beer journey with a 10 BBL brewhouse and a taproom with rustic, western-industrial features, including pieces of the building’s history. After five years of winning medals and offering consistently clean, damn good beer, Black Tooth expanded its 10 BBL brewhouse in the Spring of 2015 into a monster production facility. The multi-million-dollar expansion included adding a canning line for packaging, putting Black Tooth even more on the map as our distribution accounts spanned from Wyoming and Nebraska to South Dakota and Montana. 

In 2020, Black Tooth expanded and opened a taproom and 10 BBL brewhouse in the Capital City (using our original gangster 10 BBL system from Sheridan). What better way to Drink the West and celebrate Cheyenne’s history, tourist attractions, and its beer-drinking residents with a beautiful new facility in a vintage building that, by destiny, looks exactly like our vintage building in Sheridan?”