Civic Commons Park

In 2011, the City of Cheyenne started comprehensively planning for and addressing storm water management – both in quantity handled through flood mitigation, and quality through filtration systems – with an EPA grant. The initial $1 million EPA grant was leveraged over several years into over $16 million in federal, state and local grants, loans, and special purpose use tax funds to help fund critically needed public infrastructure for the district.

To date, the keystone public investment project is Civic Center Commons, the former City Municipal parking lot that was transformed into a full block sunken park which serves as a gathering place for Cheyenne residents. This model of green infrastructure now stands as a sentinel against damaging floods and a source of community pride where Cheyenne comes together.

Beloved by area school children, employees and nearby residents, the multipurpose green space offers respite from what was once a heat-sink of a parking lot that previously generated zero investment benefit. Today, the crown jewel of the West Edge is the focal point of Cheyenne’s next west future.