Lotus Townhomes

Ten new townhomes have been completed at 509 to 527 West 17th Street in downtown Cheyenne. The 500 block of West 17th Street is in the original City of Cheyenne as planned and surveyed by Grenville Dodge of the UPRR in 1867, Cheyenne’s first year as a dot on the map.

There have been many structures on this block since 1867, and the block has been home to many fine businesses in the last 150 years. During the years 1910 through 1970, perhaps some of the most interesting businesses on West 17 th Street were owned and/or operated byfamilies with Japanese heritage. Some of the Japanese businesses on the 500 block of West 17th Street included a rooming house/hotel, a cigar store, a famous restaurant (the “City Cafe”), a pool hall, a bar, and an art store. It is surprising to many Cheyenne citizens to learn that according to the U S Census from 1910 to 1970, the largest populations of Asian heritage residents in both the State of Wyoming and Laramie County were Japanese.

The Japanese had a significant role in helping to build our City and State. In honor of this Japanese heritage on West 17th street, the ten Lotus Townhomes are named after the lotus flower, a very popular and symbolic flower in Japan.

The Lotus townhome project was conceived in 2018 when W. E. Dinneen Inc. purchased the long derelict and contaminated Cupid’s Adult Bookstore building. The Cupid’s building was demolished, and the property (land) became part of a new, very small (one third of a block, or approximately 23,000 square feet) subdivision. The subdivision was named the “Nishigawa Subdivision.” ‘Nishigawa’ is a Japanese word which is roughly translated as “west edge”.

The builder of the ten Lotus Townhomes was Paul Frauendienst of Frauendienst Quality Homes. The first two townhomes were completed in July 2019. The remaining eight townhomes with all landscaping were completed by April 2020. The project was
designed by TDSI architects, funded by First Interstate Bank, and developed by W. E. Dinneen Inc. Jon Pietsch of Coldwell Banker/ Property Exchange was the project realtor. All ten townhomes were sold by February 2021. The average sale price for the ten close
to identical townhomes was $400,000.